Project Information

Tesco PLC
2 Years
Design & Commissioning of Body Worn Cameras

Effective Management

The device will upload footage to a docking station but due to the increased capability will now additionally upload onto an existing store Network Video Recorder when the Body Worn Camera is docked and once the upload is complete, all archived footage will be automatically deleted from the Body Worn Camera. As Network Video Recorders are in most Tesco Stores connected to security software developed by Gratte Brothers, the video can be managed according to the Tesco policy by the remote hub investigation team as well as local store security.

To date, the project has been delivered across 1,850 Tesco stores, petrol filling stations and Click + Collect pods as part of a four-phase project and has delivered 8,990 cameras as well as Network Video Recorders and accessories such as operative harnesses, hi-vis camera jackets and clips, all to facilitate cameras fixing to the bodies of colleagues and security officers.

Logistical Requirements

Due to the number of retail units and the wide-spread location of the 1,700 units, the most challenging aspect of the project but also its key success was the logistical plan required for delivery. The office-based Gratte Brothers’ stores and stock teams together with the project management team had to carefully co-ordinate the procurement and delivery of these items to busy trading stores across the whole of the United Kingdom including the Isle of Wight, Shetland Islands and Northern Ireland.

Another particular challenge for the team was to manage multiple applications and equipment quantities required for the different sized stores whilst maintaining a consistent delivery despite changes to the product model from the manufacturer.

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