We’re committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities, and have successfully retained our Environmental Management ISO 14001 certification for over a decade.

Sustainability is a key element of our business approach in both our office and site operations. To reduce our carbon footprint, we have on-going initiatives to improve fleet efficiency and energy consumption in our buildings. We’re already reducing our carbon footprint by changing the way we procure material, and employing local people.

Our sites provide a host of environmental challenges, such as the vast quantity of timber pallets used to transport equipment to site. To ensure this precious resource does not end up in landfill, we’ve partnered with Community Wood Recycling. Its innovative approach includes upcycling timber into furniture and converting it to biopellets for energy production. The enterprise also provides training, jobs and volunteering opportunities for people marginalised from the labour market – benefiting hundreds of people annually.

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