Gratte Brothers Recognises
305 Years of Service

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Since Gratte Brothers began over 75 years ago, we’ve remained a family-owned business and committed to a set of values that guide the way we operate.

One of our most cherished values is having a working environment that cultivates loyalty and engagement among our staff. What makes us so unique as a brand is how successfully we’ve done this! Every year, we’re proud to renew our commitment to this value by recognising those that have been with the business for 25 or 40 years at our annual Long Service & Retirement Awards.

On the 18th November 2021, we were immensely proud to celebrate 9 members of staff who have so far served a combined 305 years of service. Being able to do this every year is what makes Gratte Brothers so special!

Congratulations to all of the recipients on your awards and a huge thank you, from all of us at Gratte Brothers Group.

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