Empowering Equality: Our Collaboration with Hey Girls

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Hey Girls is a remarkable social enterprise, and one that we are proud to announce that we have recently collaborated with. With this collaboration, we have made free period products available in all lavatories across our offices and principal contractor sites. This includes both male and female facilities, reaffirming our commitment to gender inclusivity and breaking down barriers that have traditionally surrounded this topic. Our male toilets feature ‘Pads 4 Dads’ kits, which provide not only period products, but entire ‘starter kits’ for having those conversations (including hot chocolate sachets and a ‘dad’s guide to periods’). We hope this will help make Dads feel more confident in navigating what can otherwise be new and tricky territory. Our partnership with Hey Girls signifies a pivotal step forward for Gratte Brothers Group.

In our endeavour for progress and empowerment (as underlined by our Core Values), it is imperative that we continually break new ground when it comes to social change. One such aspect that has gained much-needed attention in recent years is menstrual hygiene and access to period products.

One week into our journey, we are pleased to say that we have so far received really positive feedback from our teams. Hey Girls, founded with a mission to eradicate period poverty and promote menstrual equity, has been making waves with its unique business model. For every period product they sell, they donate a matching product to those in need. Our initial order with Hey Girls has generated over 1,200 donations to those in need, something we look forward to building on with every order placed.

As we embark on this collaborative journey, we look forward to the impact we can create together. Every box of period products purchased through our association contributes not only to the convenience of our employees and contractors but also to the empowerment of those who would otherwise face challenges in accessing these essentials.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Hey Girls is a powerful step towards fostering an even more equitable and compassionate company culture. By making free period products available in all our lavatories, we are championing a cause that goes beyond individual convenience – it’s about collective progress, social responsibility, and paving the way for a brighter future. We are proud to stand with Hey Girls and excited to contribute to this worthy social cause, one period product at a time.


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