Gratte Brothers Security Management: What Our Independence Means to Us

  • Security Systems & Software

With the news of more and more of our competitors being merged into larger companies, we wanted to share with you what our independence means to us.

Gratte Brothers Security Management launched in 1994 as an operating company within Gratte Brothers Group in its own right. Our mission when we launched was to provide trusted, quality service and software to our clients. This mission remains unchanged today, and we’re hugely appreciative of our client base who come back to us for solutions and installations for their latest projects, time and time again.

We are proud to be part of the rapidly diminishing minority of security companies who remain independent. In addition, we are a family-owned company; proudly working for a small group of senior stakeholders who share the same vision for the company. These defining factors have allowed us to stay true to our core values; delivering excellence, continually improving, and retaining the best possible relationships with our clients. These long-lasting relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding, rather than bottom-lines alone.

The Family understand the importance of respect and longevity when it comes to our customer service. Unlike corporations, we are not driven by pound-signs (although of course being profitable is still a necessity), rather, our driving force is the satisfaction of a job well-done. To us, success is defined through happy staff, positive relationships, and top-quality deliverables. We’re immensely proud of the personal touch we are able to offer our clients—taking the time to listen and properly distil our client’s challenges—working closely with them to deliver the best solutions. The legacy we hope to build is one of quality, honesty and passion for the job at hand.

Across the Group, our staff’s average length of service is 16.5 years. This provides us with the wisdom of experience, twinned with the innovation of youth. We offer many services in-house which enables us to retain full control of the process—often building bespoke solutions to our clients’ challenges, utilising internal talent such as Dan O’Brien.

If this sounds like what you’re after for your security services, software and management, please do get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you.

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