Gratte Brothers Supports Give and Gain Day

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Gratte Brothers Security Management‘s Belfast team recently participated in the annual Give and Gain Day, showing their commitment to community involvement and support for Reconnect, a local charity aiding individuals with Acquired Brain Injury. During the event, Gratte Brothers’ volunteers engaged in a replanting initiative, enhancing the surroundings of Reconnect’s Belfast facility.

Reconnect focuses on empowering individuals with Acquired Brain Injury through vocational training, including Information Technology, Business administration, and Horticulture. Recognising the physical limitations of some participants, Gratte Brothers staff took on tasks such as weeding and planting, ensuring the charity’s premises remain welcoming and well-maintained.

This philanthropic effort was part of Business In The Community‘s initiative, which encourages corporate engagement in various volunteer activities benefiting local charities, schools, and community organisations. By actively participating in such events, Gratte Brothers demonstrates its dedication to serving Belfast and fostering a stronger, more inclusive community.

In Belfast, building services and security management are crucial aspects of community support and engagement. Gratte Brothers’ involvement in Give and Gain Day underscores our commitment to both professional services and our local community. Through initiatives like these, Gratte Brothers continues to make a positive impact, promoting social responsibility and goodwill in Belfast and beyond.

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