Winner: Security Innovation of the Year Award 2019

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We are very happy to announce that Gratte Brothers Security Management Ltd recently won the Axis Communications Innovation of the Year Award for their installation of Loom, an interactive public artwork, commissioned by British Land for the archway of 3 Broadgate.

The structure includes a decorative tile design on a three-storey tall archway that encourages people to walk through the building. The electronic fabric unfolds in response to individuals passing through, generating ‘sine waves with unique amplitude, frequency and colour characteristics which gain in complexity as its multiple virtual threads interweave and fabricate fibril patterns in response to collective human movement.’

Presented on a bespoke 5m diameter LED screen by lighting designers Speirs & Major, installed by Gratte Brothers and curated by Rosie Glenn, LOOM responds to people’s movements passing through the archway using technology from Axis Communications.

The counting and estimating of people uses two cameras, both aware of each other and able to count individuals and estimate occupancy beneath the LED ceiling. Based on these numbers the display becomes increasingly more active, weaving more intense designs as people walk within.

Congratulations to all those who were involved on this unique and innovative project!

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