Journey to Net Zero: Our Latest Environmental Wins

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We’re on a mission towards a net zero future as a business. We know we’ve got a long way to go, but rest assured there’s no area of our business that’s escaped our scrutiny. For now, we’d like to share our latest environmental mini-wins with you…

💡 The very symbol of a good idea, we’ve been looking at our light bulbs. We’ve been replacing our current lamps (bulbs grow, lamps glow) when they fail (which is the most waste-reducing approach) with energy efficient LEDs.

🚛  Our fleet of vehicles is constantly being reviewed to see where we can downsize and therefore reduce our emissions.

💡 We’re exploring the use of sensor controls with our LED lighting with a view to improving efficiency through reduced operating hours.

🚛  We’re assessing our fleet of vehicles to replace as many petrol-fuelled vans as we can with hybrid or electric versions. By 2025, 10% of our vans will have been replaced. In the meantime, we will have phased out Euro 5 engines by the end of this year.

🌳 We partner with Community Wood Recycling to ensure waste wood from our sites is responsibly removed, recycled or repurposed.

♻ We have a 100% diversion from landfill rate at our Head Office! So, all our waste is either recycled, reused or diverted in another way (e.g. energy production).

The climate crisis is an immediate threat which we don’t underestimate in the slightest. So, while we realise that these mini-wins alone won’t save the world. We’re making positive moves in the right direction and hope that eventually, all these mini-wins will amount to something much, much bigger. As part of our corporate social responsibility commitments, we will continue to make positive changes on our journey to a net zero future. We look forward to updating you on all of our wins as we go, both big and small.

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