Mental Health First Aid:
Reach Out and We’ll Reach Back

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Did you know that you can Reach Out for support with your mental health?

According to research compiled by Mates in Mind, over 700 people in the construction industry die by suicide every year in the UK. The research has also discovered that “men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women, and in construction, men are three times more likely to die by suicide than the national average”. These statistics prove that there is still a great amount of work needed to support the professionals within our industry.

At Gratte Brothers Group, we are dedicated supporters of Mates in Mind. We believe that education, awareness and open conversations are the way to eliminate the stigma that still lingers around mental health among construction professionals. At Group level, we are tackling this in a range of ways, including our dedicated inbox monitored by trained Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs). These are volunteers from around the company who have been trained by Mental Heath First Aid England. As a company we are proud to hold space for mental health year-round. Through this initiative, we are hoping to spread the message that there is always someone to talk to, be that a colleague, a mate, or one of our specially trained MHFAs.

Reach Out is just one of the internal initiatives Gratte Brothers has delivered in the last year to raise awareness of mental health and help support its employees. Our MHFAs are able to provide support and information for anyone suffering with mental health concerns. The purpose of our MHFAs is to provide a first point of contact for any individual who is struggling with their mental health and needs to have that important first conversation. Following internal support, our Mental Health First Aid will help you find the external support you need if required. Any conversation had with a MHFA will remain confidential and anonymity of contacts will be maintained!

Gratte Brothers now has 20 MHFAs across the business based both on site and in our offices across multiple locations. No one needs to suffer in silence, whether it be a personal or work-related issue therefore a totally sympathetic response is guaranteed. Staff can find the contact details they need by searching ‘Reach Out’ on the company intranet or in their inboxes. Please also note that there are many charities out there who provide free, confidential support for anyone struggling, including Samaritans and CALM.


Q: How do I know if I have mental health?
A: Just like physical health, everyone has it! Whether it’s good or not is a fluctuating state. Most people are likely to encounter some form of mental health issue in their lifetime, whether that’s themselves or someone they know.

Q: What should I talk to a Mental Health First Aider about?
A: Anything, big or small. We are trained to be able to handle some situations from start to finish, meaning you might not need to seek any further help. For other situations, just like a traditional first aider, we are able to provide support until the professionals arrive.

Q: Why is mental health important?
A: Mental health issues can and do spill into the physical world. Whether it takes a toll on your physical health, your personal relationships, or your performance at work, it can slowly take over. We recommend seeking help earlier rather than later. Among other things, seeking professional support can help you to develop positive coping strategies for stress, get things off your chest, and provide that all important reassurance that you’re not alone.


Advantages of Mental Health Training

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