Our Name up in (Piccadilly) Lights: GBSM Completes Lucent Project

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Gratte Brothers Security Management Ltd (GBSM) recently reached project completion on Lucent W1. This is the very building upon which the Piccadilly Lights sit and is now also a new six-storey, 144,000 sq. ft. mixed-use building! The site is comprised of commercial office, retail and residential space. Having been involved in the landmark’s renovation in 2017, Gratte Brothers was delighted to once again be invited to play a part in Landsec’s redevelopment of one of London’s most iconic sites.

Over the 36-week project, we installed a security system that spanned all 144,000 sq. ft. of retail, residential and office space, including two basement levels. Sustainability was at the core of the build, with trees, a Winter Garden, and roof terraces housing over 600 plants. To align with the site’s sustainability goals, we worked hard to ensure that we reduced waste wherever possible on site.

With a reported £1million of revenue lost for every hour the screens are off, it was imperative that they remained fully functional for the duration of the project. We successfully installed security equipment including the discreet cameras directly under the lights with minimal disruption to the public. Throughout our works, we ensured that all site staff and members of the public remained safe.

We were delighted to be part of the exciting Lucent development in the heart of London’s West End. We installed the base build access control, CCTV, and intercom systems as part of the shell and core scheme for Landsec. The project included the supply and installation of bronze-clad speed lanes to complement the architect’s detail within the reception area, as well as full lift integration.

It was an absolute honour to see our name up in lights! This was thanks to Landsec’s takeover of the famous landmark on the 10th November 2023 to mark the end of the project. We couldn’t let the moment pass us by without showing it off a little!

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