Project Information

Lee Kum Kee
13 Weeks
Installation of state-of-the-art LED fixtures.

Energy Efficient Solution

Our Resident Engineer is highly experienced and familiar with the site and is therefore able to quickly react in order to resolve issues and identify specific opportunities to improve operational needs. These efforts ensure that HX3 remains efficient, industry compliant and that its occupants needs are always met.

As demands for energy-efficient solutions and enhanced safety measures continue to rise, we recognised the need for an emergency lighting upgrade at 3 Harbour Exchange. The resulting project saw us work closely with our electrical specialist to plan the replacement of outdated fluorescent emergency lights with state-of-the-art LED fixtures.

Our primary objective was to elevate illumination, reduce energy consumption and optimise safety, maintenance and comfort for the building’s occupants during emergencies. The upgrade spanned key areas, including the reception, external spaces, underground car park, lobby areas, toilets, shower rooms, stairwells, plant rooms, and back-of-house areas. LED fixtures are known for their low maintenance requirements and enable significant cost savings for our clients.

Minimising Disruption

In total over 350 new LED light fittings were installed including down lights, bulk heads, running man up lights, linear, non-corrosive and IP65 rated. Combined with presence detectors and external LED drivers to provide specialised power supply, this project has reduced the need for frequent inspections and repairs and our client will now experience less disruption to their regular operations, enabling them to focus on their core business activities.

As the building was occupied during installation, safety was our primary concern. We ensured noise was kept to a minimum and carefully planned our sequence of installation so that in the event of an emergency evacuation, the existing emergency lighting would still operate and occupants would be able to safely exit the building.

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