Project Information

Private Healthcare Provider
2.5 Years
Electrical Shell & Core and Fit Out

The Site

CDP design elements involved the generator, lightning protection, fire alarms, lighting control and the photovoltaics and considering the volume of rooms involved in this project and the state-of-the-art nature of the facility, quality had to consistently remain at a high standard during delivery.

This 5-star private London hospital boasts robotic equipment which can cut strips of tablets into single doses, retains vital information such as expiry dates and also applies barcodes to aid checks required before doses are administered to patients. The facility also importantly, reduces its environmental impact through the production of its own heat and power, whereby reducing carbon emissions traditionally involved in air and water heating. Most of the existing building façade was also maintained and original building entrances reinstated.

Project Logistics

Restricted storage areas on site required all deliveries to be booked in on a ‘just in time’ basis and an off-site consolidation centre was set up to allow bulk orders to be delivered and then called to site as and when required. Commissioning was also a challenge on this project, with the eventual decision taken to commission the system on a floor-by-floor basis to enable the final integrated systems testing to be undertaken in the most expedient way.

This private hospital, located in London, officially opened its doors in early 2022, delivering a brand new outlet for private healthcare in Britain.

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