Supporting Food Bank Aid’s Annual Fundraising Drive

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Food Bank Aid is a charity that supports 31 food banks across North London and Hertfordshire. If this charity sounds familiar, it might be because we helped them before Christmas with some free-of-charge maintenance works to provide them with heating and power outlets (read the story, here). Now, we’ve become a Silver Partner, meaning that we’ve committed to supporting them via donations, volunteering and the use of our fleet to support deliveries to food banks (where available).

The news regularly covers the crisis facing financial banks, but, we rarely hear about the crisis facing food banks. In the wake of an escalating cost-of-living crisis, Food Bank Aid faces unprecedented challenges as donations have fallen off a cliff and the ‘cost-of-living crisis’ has become a ‘cost of giving’ crisis. Last year, there was a 38% increase in the number of people visiting a food bank in London many of those were working people, with 1 in 4 parents in London struggling to afford to feed their family.

This Sunday (25th March 2024), Food Bank Aid is launching their annual fundraising drive; a 36-hour appeal in hope of raising £1.25 million. Gratte Brothers Group has made a donation, and we ask that everyone who would like to donate, does so before Monday when the appeal finishes! The Appeal is match funded, so every pound donated during the 36 hours will be doubled, and 100% will be spent on essential goods for the food banks. While the official drive doesn’t start until Sunday, donations can be made from now until Monday. Please find the link to our donations page, below.

🔗 Follow this link to donate.

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