The Big Curry Lunch 2023: A Recap

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On Tuesday 12th July 2023, our team at Gratte Brothers Security Systems & Software (a.k.a GBSM) had the privilege of hosting the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals’ annual Big Curry Lunch.

This calendar highlight brought the industry together, delighted taste buds, and supported a worthy cause – The Soldiers Charity! Amidst the aroma of the fantastic food and the jubilant chatter, the Waterside Café at our Regent’s Wharf HQ was witness to yet another successful year raising money for the Army’s national charity—supporting soldiers and their families, for life.

Each year, we look forward to seeing guests post their ‘travelling in’ selfies on LinkedIn. We’re very happy to say that we were not disappointed as many of you took the opportunity to share your excitement online on your way in. It’s always a pleasure to see that for so many people, this isn’t just a fundraiser: it’s a rare opportunity for our industry to get together, share news and further strengthen relationships.

The menu (expertly prepared by our resident Chef, James Brooks) included traditional favourites like Chicken Tikka Masala, a vegetarian Dhal, and of course, PLENTY of Cobra. But of course, the event was not just about indulging in amazing food; it held a deeper purpose. All the proceeds from the event went towards supporting The Soldiers Charity, allowing us to give back to the community (in line with our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant) while catching up with our peers.

In line with our recent branding update, we took this opportunity to review the décor for the Big Curry Lunch. So, where guests might have previously been met with a colour palette based on the Indian flag including bunting and balloons, this year, were met with a more sophisticated and on-brand palette of navy and white. Furthermore, in a bid to incorporate more eco-friendly choices, the traditional balloons were axed in favour of reusable décor elements.

It’s a pleasure to have such a full list of people to thank for this event. Without you all, this annual occasion would be nowhere near as brilliant as it always is! So, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us on the day—your presence and contribution are greatly appreciated. Our thanks also go to those of you who were not able to attend in person, but still made donations to the cause. Thank you to Chris Pilkington from LP Food at Work for expertly navigating the logistics and delivering perfection as always! And saving the best till last, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals for letting us provide the venue for their fantastic event.

Together, we can make a difference, one curry at a time!

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