I chose to complete an apprenticeship because I wanted to get out into the world and start working. Although I still attend college, it is a very different experience to school, one, which provides me with an independence I find rewarding and the sense that I am paving the way for my own success.

I chose to complete my apprenticeship with Gratte Brothers, as it was evident that they were a well-respected company within the industry and had an impressive turnover. Although these figures may not be important for every young person starting their career, for me it was vital to know how successful the company I was joining was, in terms of performance and opportunities.

I attend college on a ‘block release’ basis, which means I attend once a week. My day-to-day role for the remainder of the week has me on-site shadowing electricians, carrying out tasks alongside them and individually too. What I enjoy the most about my apprenticeship is that I am constantly learning new skills every day, whether they be electrical or interpersonal.

Once I have completed my apprenticeship, I hope that I will know which aspects of a project I enjoy most, whether they be practical or technical and I would then like to take advantage of the opportunities Gratte Brothers can provide and hopefully begin progressing towards project management.


I left secondary school with one certainty: I did not want to go to university or be in debt so instead I looked into apprenticeships so that I could continue to learn whilst I earned.

I soon realised that a qualification was required to hold a job in the future and it became apparent that Gratte Brothers would be somewhere I could grow, as they are an excellent company with a great apprenticeship program.

Being an electrical apprentice is a very hands-on role. Whilst I attend college regularly to learn the theory behind the trade, I would say most of the learning occurs on site, under the instruction of qualified electricians. I see the theory learned at college in the site activities I complete every day and I am able to transfer the skills and knowledge I gain from site to college. Everyone, not just the apprentices, is constantly learning new skills on-site and improving their craft every day.

When I finish my apprenticeship, I would like to carry on working for Gratte Brothers and develop my career with them and their endless opportunities.


I chose to undertake an apprenticeship because I felt that I would learn quicker in a programme, which combined both theory and practice and which allowed me to apply what I was learning at college to my work on-site at the same time.

Gratte Brothers are a very well-known and respected company in the industry. Therefore, I chose to work for them because I knew I was being offered a great opportunity, not only as an apprentice but also in terms of opportunities for a future career.

I attend college once a week on a day release where I learn the theory behind the work I do on-site. I find this method is very beneficial as it allows me to understand the process behind what we do on-site and the reason why we do each step of the process in a particular way. What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is being on-site and being given more and more responsibility for the tasks I complete.

At Gratte Brothers, everyone is willing to help as much as they can and they are always patient when it comes to teaching me, which I am very much appreciative of. After I have completed my apprenticeship, I hope to pursue a career in commissioning.


I chose an apprenticeship because I was looking to get on-the-job experience whilst gaining a qualification at college. I decided to complete my apprenticeship at Gratte Brothers because my Father also works for the company, previously as a pipefitter and now as a site manager and I wanted to carry on the family tradition, which began with my Grandfather who was a boiler engineer in a fantastic family-ran business.

I am currently attending College and completing my Level 2 NVQ in Heating and Ventilating. My course entails both practical and theoretical learning relating to the tasks I do on-site and it is this learning of new skills constantly both on my course and on-site, which I find very rewarding and which allows me to carry out tasks on-site independently as well.

What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is meeting and working alongside new people. Building great rapport and relationships helps make the training more enjoyable, helps teach you life as well as practical skills and makes you feel very welcome within the company.

I will always want to stay at Gratte Brothers as you are very well looked after as a member of the team. After my apprenticeship I will hopefully have more of an understanding of the variety of job roles available but for now I’m more than happy with my current role.