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Apprentices & Graduates are able to establish a meaningful career here at Gratte Brothers. We provide ongoing support and development at every stage to help you fulfil your potential. Meet some of our Early Careers team members in the carousel below to find out about their professional journeys so far…


My experience at Gratte Brothers has been incredibly rewarding. The team has been supportive and welcoming, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on such a huge and complex project that has given me a solid understanding of the industry. The hands-on experience has been invaluable and has greatly complemented my studies. 

I chose a career in construction because I have always been fascinated by how things are built and the process behind creating functional and aesthetically pleasing structures. The idea of contributing to projects that can have a lasting impact on communities is very fulfilling for

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I joined Gratte Brothers as a Graduate Surveyor in January 2020. I knew I wanted to get into construction as I liked the idea of having a tangible outcome as evidence of hard work. I discovered Gratte Brothers through researching the industry and companies within it.

The first UK Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 saw Gratte Brothers briefly furlough us graduates. As a family company, their care for employees showed in the decision to support us via the furlough scheme, rather than let us go completely. Everyone I have worked with or encountered through Gratte Brothers has been lovely, and

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I began my journey at Gratte Brothers in September 2022 when I joined as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor. Previously, I was studying A-levels at sixth form. With many years of a ‘traditional’ approach to learning behind me I decided I wanted something different, a new approach. This led me to apply for an apprenticeship opportunity at Gratte Brothers. Now, I attend university on a day release system. This combined approach allows me to apply the theory I learn at uni to my practical work on the job.

An apprenticeship has always stood out to me as a good option because

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I chose to complete an apprenticeship because I wanted to get out into the world and start working. Although I still attend college, it is a very different experience to school, one which provides me with an independence I find rewarding and the sense that I am paving the way for my own success.

I chose to complete my apprenticeship with Gratte Brothers as it was evident that they were a well-respected company within the industry and had an impressive turnover. Although these figures may not be important for every young person starting their career, for me it was vital

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I left secondary school with one certainty: I did not want to go to university or be in debt so instead I looked into apprenticeships so that I could continue to learn whilst I earned.

I soon realised that a qualification was required to hold a job in the future and it became apparent that Gratte Brothers would be somewhere I could grow, as they are an excellent company with a great apprenticeship program.

Being an electrical apprentice is a very hands-on role. Whilst I attend college regularly to learn the theory behind the trade, I would say most of

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I chose to undertake an apprenticeship because I felt that I would learn quicker in a programme, which combined both theory and practice and which allowed me to apply what I was learning at college to my work on-site at the same time.

Gratte Brothers are a very well-known and respected company in the industry. Therefore, I chose to work for them because I knew I was being offered a great opportunity, not only as an apprentice but also in terms of opportunities for a future career.

I attend college once a week on a day release where I learn

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I chose an apprenticeship because I was looking to get on-the-job experience whilst gaining a qualification at college. I decided to complete my apprenticeship at Gratte Brothers because my Father also works for the company, previously as a pipefitter and now as a site manager and I wanted to carry on the family tradition, which began with my Grandfather who was a boiler engineer in a fantastic family-ran business.

I am currently attending College and completing my Level 2 NVQ in Heating and Ventilating. My course entails both practical and theoretical learning relating to the tasks I do on-site and

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I knew that an apprenticeship would be the best choice for me as I’ve always been more of a practical learner and find it easier to comprehend things by being hands-on rather than purely classroom-based. Financially it also made more sense for me to get paid whilst learning on the job, so an apprenticeship works perfectly for me.

I’m now 6 months into my 2-year programme, training as an Apprentice Catering Engineer and I’m working towards ACS accreditation as part of it. A typical week for me is out on the road, travelling to different jobs to assist with servicing,

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I joined Gratte Brothers Group straight out of University in January 2020. Having completed some work with an M&E firm previously, I knew it was a career I wanted to pursue. I hadn’t previously considered this route into the industry, but a family friend told me about it and I’ve never looked back.

From the moment I joined, Gratte Brothers has pushed me to develop professionally in the most supportive and rewarding way. After a brief period of furlough due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was immediately put onto a ‘building services engineering’ apprenticeship course. This was a two-year course

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