Powerhouse Perspectives: In Conversation with Stuart Norris

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In our latest content series, ‘Powerhouse Perspectives’, we speak to key team members from across the Gratte Brothers Group to shed light onto the hard work and varied approaches that are prevalent within the business. In this feature, we hear from Stuart Norris; Business Development Manager for Gratte Brothers Security Systems & Software (also known as Security Management, or GBSM).

“Business development is the same role throughout different businesses, however, it’s the personality of the individual within the role that makes the biggest difference.”

As Business Development Manager, Stuart Norris actively nurtures new leads into the business as well as creating shared value for existing clients. With 17 years’ experience, Stuart is an expert in all things Gratte Brothers. His extensive network both within the company and externally mean he is perfectly placed to make the connections clients need to ensure their briefs are expertly handled. His particular role is not exclusive to Gratte Brothers, but his experience, strategy and aptitude are all key in his continued success. Stuart has shared the following insight into his role:

“Business development is the same role throughout different businesses, however, it’s the personality of the individual within the role that makes the biggest difference. If I look at what I do differently versus other Business Development Managers (BDMs), I’d say it’s my total understanding of GBSM’s products and services, in-depth company knowledge and commercial acumen that helps to build long-standing and successful relationships with key clients, plus the ability to adapt to client demands and ever-changing technology. I’m also a people-person who genuinely enjoys establishing authentic connections with people, which is essential in a role like mine!”.

Having started with Gratte Brothers in 2006, Stuart’s initial sales role developed over time and through the restructure of the estimating and business development functions within the business. Now, Stuart leads the Business Development (BD) function within GBSM’s commercial sector. When joining Gratte Brothers, Stuart brought with him an already impressive range of experience. At 16 years old, he undertook a 4-year apprenticeship in the industry and has since held positions including Security Engineer, Sales Engineer, full time Sales positions and a Sales Manufacturing role. Having experienced the industry from so many different angles, Stuart has a unique insight into the right solutions for new and existing clients. In addition, he has efficiently evolved and adapted his approach to BD in response to market changes and clients’ developing needs.

The Future of Business Development at Gratte Brothers

Our success as a business has historically been a result of referrals, repeat business and networking via Stuart and key members of the team. The industry remains traditional in its approaches in many ways, with business being done through predominantly boots-on-the-ground strategies. However, the future of Business Development within Gratte Brothers includes a greater adoption of digital and proactive marketing strategies. As times change and the business looks to grow in other industries and vertical markets, Stuart’s approach will adapt to place more investment across proactive digital advertising, content marketing and an increased presence on social media.

Gratte Brothers recently announced the permanent status of our hybrid working style, first introduced in the Covid-19 pandemic. Stuart comments that “navigating the world of Business Development post-pandemic highlights the need to really know your clients, their needs, landscape and limitations”. Pre-pandemic, Stuart would largely conduct business in face-to-face settings, as he points out that “as a profession we thrive on being around people”. Our traditional approach at GBSM has been to engage with new and existing customers alike in a more relaxed environment; something which is now hybrid friendly. It’s Stuarts readiness to embrace new working styles that has seen our commercial team continue to maintain our reputation for quality and authenticity with our clients.


The greatest asset any company can have is their staff. This is a term we agree with wholeheartedly. As a result of this, our team members represent the Gratte Values at work as well as in their personal lives; Stuart is an excellent example of this. Outside work, he volunteers as a football coach for his son’s local school, and the Under 11s Saturday side. Stuart added the following comment about his volunteer role:

“This has been a fantastic opportunity and allowed me to give something back to my local community. Due to cutbacks, the school were unable to fund a coach which would have resulted in them not having a team. The journey has been an enjoyable one and has resulted in the team of year 6 boys and girls being undefeated in the league”.

In a market that changes as quickly as ours, having someone who is reactive, adaptable, is a model of company values and knows the business inside out is one of our greatest strengths. See how Stuart Norris and the team can help with your next security project by getting in touch via our Contact Us page.

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