“Honoured and Proud”: Bronwyn Miller Becomes First Female, First Non-Family Member to Join Group Board.

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“I feel honoured and proud to be the first female and first non-family member appointed to the Board. I am humbled to be trusted by the family in this position and will do my best to uphold their values and maintain the success of the business.”


In January 2022, Bronwyn Miller became the first woman, and the first non-family member to be appointed to the Group Board here at Gratte Brothers. This is quite rightly huge news, so, we caught up with Bronwyn to learn more…


Bronwyn, tell us about your journey with Gratte Brothers so far…

“I started with Gratte Brothers as a temp in Human Resources in 2002. I was studying a Business degree with Accountancy as a subject, so when a position became available in the Accounts Department, the HR Director kindly recommended me. I was offered a permanent role within the Accounts team in 2003. Once I had completed my degree, my manager convinced me to study through ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) for my accountancy accreditation, which I completed in 2008, becoming a Fellow in 2013. I spent some time within the accounts department of each Group division over the years, learning all the processes and procedures and familiarising myself with the business requirements. In 2019 I was appointed as the Company Secretary on the Group’s subsidiary companies, becoming a Director on those Boards in 2020. In January 2022 I was appointed as a Director on the Group Board.

How did you initially discover your career path?

“I always enjoyed Accountancy at school and decided to study it further after school. It seemed a sensible career choice, if not the most exciting!”

You’ve enjoyed a long and successful career with us so far, what’s made you stay?

“The main reason I have stayed so long is because of the people. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing individuals over the years. I have learnt so much from them, both professionally and personally. It sounds so clichéd, but it really feels like I’m part of a family at Gratte Brothers and not just a number. The diversity of the role is also a driving factor. My role has changed significantly over the years: I am constantly learning and developing, which keeps me motivated and interested in what’s to come.”

“I find the building services industry absolutely fascinating… I love that there’s always more to learn!”

What are your proudest career achievements?

“Graduating with a degree and Accountancy qualification were proud moments, but my proudest moment by far is most certainly becoming a Director.”

What was your first reaction when you received the appointment to the Board?

“I was overwhelmed. It isn’t something that I had even considered would happen! I am honoured to be trusted with the role.”

What’s the one piece of advice that’s helped you most in your career?

“Believe in yourself! I have been blessed with many mentors at Gratte Brothers who often saw potential in me, when I didn’t. Their belief and unwavering support has enabled me to develop into the role and build my confidence and self-belief.”

“My wish for the future is to maintain the great position that Gratte Brothers are in. Additionally, I want to improve processes and procedures that will drive efficiencies and savings across the Group. The future looks bright!”

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career with Gratte Brothers?

“Take the leap! Gratte Brothers are a family run business whose greatest asset is their staff. They develop and grow internally, with me being a prime example. The average length of service within the Group is 16.5 years which speaks volumes!”


Please join us in congratulating Bronwyn on her new role!

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