Powerhouse Perspectives: James Bates on Hard Facilities Management.

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In the world of Hard Facilities Management (FM), what happens when things go wrong? The answer is dedicated Account Managers are on hand to ensure the smooth operations of your building’s hard services.

James Bates, Account Manager for Gratte Brothers | Building Services Maintenance, is one of these dedicated professionals. His experience and expertise in Facilities Management go a long way in maintaining excellence for your assets. As one of our clients, James is your first point of contact. Whether it be troubleshooting a minor issue, or coordinating your new HVAC maintenance regime, James communicates and delivers effective solutions to resolve your Hard FM challenges.

Meet James:

Starting as a Mobile Maintenance Engineer when Gratte Brothers acquired AG Manly in the early 2000s, James quickly broadened his skills by becoming proficient in gas-safe engineering. Progressing through supervisory roles, James attained the position of Account Manager. With his extensive background in the building services trade, James applies his wealth of knowledge and experience to your properties, ensuring that all maintenance needs are met with efficiency and precision.

Overcoming Challenges in Facilities Management:

Navigating today’s FM marketplace presents numerous challenges such as tight margins, recruitment obstacles, and supply chain issues. However, James and his team are adept at overcoming these hurdles through solid processes and nurturing relationship:

“We’re proud to have built strong relationships with clients spanning various sectors, including digital, financial, and care. Some of these relationships have stood the test of time, stretching over a decade. The same goes for our specialist contractors—project after project, we’ve built trust, reliability, and consistency with each other. Through solid processes such as mobilisation planning, CAFM systems, and regular reviews, it’s fair to say our success isn’t just about what we do—it’s about how we do it. And it’s this passion, precision, and proactive spirit that sets us apart.”

In partnership with our trusted supply chain, we are able to craft tailored solutions to our clients’ unique challenges. Our impressive 90% client retention rate in 2023 speaks to the attention to detail and high levels of accuracy we apply to each and every contract. As such, we are committed to delivering optimal, cost-effective and enduring solutions tailored to requirement.

Division Restructuring & Growth:

James mentions that “The division’s recent restructuring opens doors to controlled growth, ushering in a wave of opportunities for all stakeholders. I aim to foster a nurturing environment where individuals can flourish and advance. This not only contributes to Gratte Brothers’ ongoing success but also lays a solid foundation for the future.”

Case Study: The Leaky Fire Sprinkler:

Picture this: your 11-story office property has a leaky fire sprinkler. Your tenants are upset, thinking of moving, and if you don’t drain your system, more damage will occur to the rest of your building. This is a nightmare for most property managers but for James, it was an opportunity to put his team’s expertise into action. His approach rested on two core pillars:

  • Critical Analysis: Following an initial survey by a specialist, the verdict was that the works needed to be carried out at weekends due to their disruptive nature. This came with the consequence of drastically increasing the duration (and cost) of the works.
  • Putting the Client First: To prevent any further delays or disruption to the tenants, James challenged this solution, gaining the insight of a second specialist. From this second opinion, it was decided that the necessary noisy reparative works were to be carried out in the early mornings on weekdays, prior to the tenants’ daily arrival. Then, during working hours, less audibly intrusive works were completed.

James’ approach cut both time and associated costs, with the best possible outcome for all involved. Thanks to James and his team, what could have been an expensive headache for our client turned out to be a minor inconvenience that was quickly resolved.

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If you’re looking for support with your Hard Facilities Management, James and his team are always on hand to maintain excellence for you.

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