Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Gratte Brothers Group is aware of the impact its activities have on lives of others and the places in which it operates and is therefore committed to being a responsible business that delivers positive social, economic and environmental impact.

As a family business, relationship building is central to our culture and values, which guide the way we operate as a corporate citizen and as a responsible business, we understand that the quality of our relationships and our delivery is determined by our actions.

To ensure we act as a responsible business, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy which also incorporates the principles of Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

Our ‘People, Places, Planet’ approach highlights our commitment to core principles such as human rights, environmental protection, fair and ethical business conduct and community engagement.


As a Company, we design and implement policies and processes that allow for a fair and collaborative, working environment. Therefore we value the principles of human rights and equal opportunity as well the right to a living wage.

We recognise the importance of attracting and recruiting the best talent regardless of their background and believe that a diverse workforce only increases our strength. Our people are individuals
with unique aspirations, work styles and employment needs and we endeavour to maintain a working environment which promotes respect, eliminates discrimination, encourages cooperation and provides all of our people with the opportunities needed to reach their potential.

Our people are our most important asset and their physical and mental wellbeing is therefore of primary concern. We recognise the special and significant risks associated with the build environment and also recognise our responsibility for the health and safety of our employees, both physically and mentally, and others who may be affected by our work. Safety is the primary consideration in everything that we do at Gratte Brothers and we will always ensure that physical and mental health is never knowingly compromised for reasons of expediency or material gain.

Our cooperative and collaborative approach is also evident in the way in which we approach our clients and suppliers and we conduct our relationships in an open and honest manner in order to build long-term relationships. Our supply chain members are an essential part of our family business and make an important contribution to our reputation for quality so we work with our suppliers in a ethical way to reduce the impact of our joint activities and only work with those who meet our high standards.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Gratte Brothers recognises its responsibility to the wider communities in which it operates and seeks to add value to those places. We actively review ways in which the company can play a positive role to support community initiatives, paying particular attention to local and disadvantaged groups.

We volunteer in the local community, provide support for school and employment events and donate time and money to various charities, many of whom we have long-standing relationships with. We also encourage our people to support charitable initiatives through joint enterprise. By doing so, we can deliver positive economic and non-economic impact.


Gratte Brothers values the natural environment and recognises its responsibility to monitor and reduce the potential environmental impact of its activities.

As a company, we are committed to setting and obtaining our carbon footprint reduction goals and reducing waste as well as pollution and resource consumption.

Conserving energy, sourcing materials from sustainable sources, reducing deliveries and setting targets for transferring our fleet to electric vehicles are also part of our annually reviewed strategy.

We actively seek out and encourage the use of the latest environmentally-friendly technologies and innovation, such as off-site manufacturing and modern methods of operating to further reduce our environmental impact. As a service provider, we also work in collaboration with both our clients and suppliers to provide sustainable solutions that benefit all parties and most importantly, the plane.

D Gratte
Group Managing Director
25 August 2022

You can alternatively download a copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

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