Environmental Policy Statement

The scope of this policy extends to all Group activities. It covers all Group sites and offices, as well as all its subsidiaries which include Gratte Brothers Limited, Gratte Brothers Building Services Maintenance Limited, Gratte Brothers Security Management Limited, Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment Limited and Gratte Brothers Technical Services Limited.

The Group is committed to the continued protection of the environment and minimising the effect that work undertaken has upon it. This policy has the full support of the Directors who are committed to protecting the environment through identification of risks, the setting of measurable targets and the stating of environmental objectives.

This policy statement outlines the Group commitment to continually improve both environmental performance and the management system through analysis of the performance measures and staff awareness training while ensuring that pollution prevention is maintained across the business by following best practice guidelines.

This policy is supported by additional documentation such as the Ethical and Sustainable Procurement Policy, Waste Management Procedure and Journey to Net Zero. It will be communicated to all staff and sub-contractors. In doing so the company seeks to improve not only its own, but also the environmental performance of those working with it.

The supply and procurement of materials is done in a sympathetic way in order to maintain resources for future generations.

The company places a great importance on the management of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) influences on the daily operations and this managed through the dedicated Environmental Advisor.

Under the leadership of the Group Managing Director and senior management an Environmental Management System, pursuant to ISO 14001, has been developed. It has been deemed appropriate to the risks, scale and environmental impacts of the Group’s activities. The management system is designed to ensure that all legislative and regulatory requirements are recognised and that a consistent and uniform control of activities is maintained.

This policy will be reviewed by senior management at the Management Review Meeting, published throughout the Group and made available to the public and other interested parties.

This policy has my full backing and I will fully support staff in its implementation.

D Gratte
Group Managing Director
12 January 2024

You can alternatively download a copy of our Environmental Policy Statement

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