Ethical and Sustainable Procurement Policy

The company is committed to always procuring goods and services having due regard to any environmental, ethical and social impact such procurement actions incur, both in the immediate timescale and over the expected life-cycle of the procured goods or services. The company encourages its suppliers or any of their employees, sub-contractors or agents to carry out their procurement in line with the above intention.

In conjunction with the company’s other policies and as a foundation to this one, the company recognises that all procurement must be carried out with:

1. A high level of ethical behaviour, integrity and openness.

2. Due regard for the well-being of all employees affected by the company’s procurement processes including not dealing with suppliers where health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity, labour, anti-slavery or other relevant social practices are not treated with the same importance as laid down in the company’s policies.

3. Due regard for the environmental effect and sustainability of raw materials used in the provision of any goods or services and priority will be given to suppliers offering materials under a responsible sourcing certification scheme e.g. timber is only sourced where certified via Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

4. Priority given to goods and services offered within the local community to the company’s offices, relevant project or site wherever possible.

5. Preference shown to those suppliers who can demonstrate a commitment to reducing their carbon emissions, water usage, waste and packaging and / or increasing their recycling, including the re-use of materials, and avoiding landfill. Suppliers are encouraged to implement the appropriate site management waste plan or pre-demolition audit to minimise the waste from their provision of goods and services.

6. Consideration given to those suppliers who can offer goods or services with a low-energy consumption or with a low embodied carbon content. Priority will be given to suppliers offering materials with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

7. Priority given to goods and services using non-toxic materials or refrigerants without a high global warming potential. The use of refrigerants that are scheduled to be banned in the future is discouraged and suppliers offering more suitable alternatives are prioritised.

8. Priority given to goods and services using materials that are designed to resist degradation against environmental factors (including biological agents or pollutants and material factors (such as corrosion and discolouration) or factors associated with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

9. Targeting best value in procuring goods or services based not just on price but environmental, ethical, legal and social considerations.

As part of the company’s procedure for the approval of all suppliers, a pre-qualification questionnaire is issued where aspects of the supplier’s environmental, ethical and social procurement processes are assessed although providing evidence of a successful external audit to the Common Assessment Standard would be accepted in lieu of this requirement.

The Group Managing Director carries the overall responsibility for delivery of this policy.

The Ethical and Sustainable Procurement Policy will be reviewed annually at the Management Review Meeting and made available to the public and other interested parties.

This policy has my full backing and I will fully support staff in its implementation.

D Gratte
Group Managing Director
10 February 2023

You can alternatively download a copy of our Ethical and Sustainable Procurement Policy.

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