Project Information

Public Research University
Main Contractor:
Gratte Brothers Security Management Ltd
5-Year Contract (Ongoing)
Access Control Software

Scope of Works

The Contract covers 5 years of operations across the university’s infrastructure landscape and will encompass eight legacy buildings and three new build properties. Configuration works will be vital throughout the contract to ensure the integrated systems work across all existing and future buildings on the client’s estate with the end goal being to deliver a central management system through which they can manage their security systems efficiently and effectively and ensure optimal security across their operations.

In addition, Gratte Brothers Security Management Ltd will also provide all planned preventative and reactive security maintenance services across the client’s portfolio during the full contract term which includes 14 buildings spread across London.

Recent & Future Projects

One of the new build properties on the client’s estate is a new accommodation block comprised of over 300 rooms and built exclusively for students in South London. Gratte Brothers carried out the installation and commissioning of the new access control and intercom systems throughout the 8-storey building, integrating the systems into the university’s enterprise infrastructure which was built the year prior.

A second new build property currently underway is a teaching facility within which Gratte Brothers will commission the new access control system to allow the building to come online within the estate’s integrated security infrastructure.

Gratte Brothers is also currently consulting with the client on a number of further projects including the deployment of mobile credentials and the implementation of a dedicated visitor management system, with the aim being to deliver effective performance with minimal hassle and return on investment.


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