Project Information

4 months
Foodservice Facilities Installation

Our project was excellently managed and we knew what was happening at all times. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gratte Brothers

The Specification

We designed and specified a satellite production kitchen. This facility was also required to help them with the Maison Bleue’s mise en place. Our initial design helped them understand what size of facility would be required and what the cost would be.

We worked closely with the client to capture their vision through technical drawings and specifications. These were continually revised until we had the perfect solution in terms of space planning, operational flow and allowance for further development and future-proofing.

The facilities were designed by Gratte Brothers to be future-proof so that as and when LÉA increased in popularity, space had been purposely left as part of the design to add further equipment with the required services already in place for ease of installation (for instance, when demand increases, the M&E services are set up for a second combi oven to be stacked on top to allow for twice the capacity).

The Delivery

Due to the high standard of food prepared and the number of processes involved with Pascal’s style of cooking, it was decided that inclusion of multi-functional equipment such as Brat Pann and combination ovens (which allow up to eight cooking functions) would help reduce the size of the facility required, whilst maintaining high standards.

Gratte Brothers’ installation also included energy-efficient induction hobs, a Rational iVario which works for boiling, frying, deep-frying and pressure cooking to remove need for more conventional cooking appliances, a fully programmable Unox combination oven, food mixers, refrigeration, utensils and production level pan washer, wash hand units as well as all fabrication, ventilation and extraction required.

Gratte Brothers was delighted to once again have the opportunity to be involved with Pascal and his team and to be involved in the planning and delivery of this exciting new venture.

Client Testimonial

“We’ve been using our new production kitchen since last September and it’s simply fantastic! We’d used Gratte Brothers to completely refurbish our kitchen at Maison Bleue five years ago and that was a great success. Therefore, we had no doubt they’d be the perfect partner to help us with this project. From the start, they understood exactly what we needed, made some very good suggestions for things that we hadn’t considered and helped us understand what we needed to do in terms of the kitchen and equipment. Our project was excellently managed and we knew what was happening at all times. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gratte Brothers.”

 – Pascal Canevet, LÉA

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