Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

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Gratte Brothers operates in the Construction Industry and has a workforce composed of 86% male and 14% female. This is broadly in line with the Construction Industry as a whole where around 87% of roles are occupied by men and 13% by women. This gender imbalance poses a significant challenge for both the industry and the company, requiring a long-term strategy.

We invest in all our employees, providing the opportunities required to further their careers. We spend 32% of our training and development budget on female employees who are involved in training across the business. We are proud to have appointed our first female Finance Director this year, who undertook and received her ACCA qualification whilst working for the business.

The average length of service among our women employees is 10 years, so we have a strong record for development and retention. This year, we have improved our agile working policy and enhanced our maternity leave policy to allow for greater workplace flexibility. Our challenge remains recruitment, therefore we have continued to focus our schools programme on girls and have expanded our recruitment channels to target females. We proudly recruited 50% women for our graduate surveyor scheme this year, which financially supports recruits in achieving a degree whilst employed.

The company is a corporate partner of the Women’s Engineering Society which allows us to both support the career progression of our current female engineers and contribute to the Society’s work to raise the profile of engineering in schools and among women generally. As a business, we are also utilising our social media platforms to bring awareness to national and international campaigns, highlighting the importance of gender equality in all industries.

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