Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

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Gratte Brothers operates in the Construction Industry and has a workforce which is 86.2% male and 13.8% female. This is broadly in line with the Construction Industry as a whole where 87.6% of roles are occupied by men and 12.4% by women. This gender imbalance clearly presents the industry and the company with significant challenges.

Over 66% of the jobs within Gratte Brothers are engineering roles and while women are represented at every level within the company, their representation in these well paid engineering roles is completely inadequate for a modern workforce.

We spend 32% of our training and development budget on female employees. The average length of service among our women employees is 10 years, so our record on development and retention is strong. Our challenge is recruitment. To meet this challenge we have focused our schools programme on girls, reviewed our recruitment methods and have expanded our recruitment channels to target females.

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