Unveiling a New Era: Bold New Branding For Gratte Brothers Group

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Gratte Brothers Group has undergone a branding refresh project to unify, modernise and realign the Group with the quality service we pride ourselves on.

Across the Group, our teams go above and beyond on a daily basis to provide the very best they can: it’s this dedication that has built our reputation for quality in the building services industries. However, we felt that our much-loved branding needed refreshing to effectively communicate the innovative work of our brilliant teams. So, we are thrilled to launch our new branding across the Group today, Thursday 1st June 2023.

We have retained the key branding elements that we are known for—our hallmark ‘GB’, for instance—updated our ‘Gratte Blue’ and introduced a new terracotta accent colour, plus much more. In a company with as much heritage and loyalty among our staff and alumni as we have, obliterating our traditional assets would have been a complete misstep. Instead, we chose to focus on ‘repointing’ all the best-loved (and recognisable) brand elements, creating an enhanced brand identity that reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.

We took this opportunity to review our divisional descriptors, too. We are moving forwards with new names for our main divisions, all with a more concise description of our specialisms. Our legal trading names for each division remain the same (Gratte Brothers Limited, Gratte Brothers Security Management, Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment Limited and Gratte Brothers Technical Services). However, these newly adopted descriptors will more concisely convey our specialisms. Our new names are as follows:

Gratte Brothers Building Services & Engineering (GBL)
Gratte Brothers Building Services Maintenance (formerly Specialist Services)
Gratte Brothers Security Systems & Software (GBSM)
Gratte Brothers Foodservice Solutions (GBCEL)
Gratte Brothers Design & Coordination (GBTS)

Twinned with this update, we are undertaking detailed improvement works to our website which we look forward to sharing with you over the coming months. These improvements will focus on usability and functionality, alongside a push to integrate our new branding elements.

We welcome your thoughts on our new branding, and hope you are as fond of it as we are!

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