Project Information

BPN Paribas Real Estate
2008 - Ongoing
Building Services Maintenance

Minimum Disruption

Buildings of this calibre attract high profile tenants and over the past 15 years on site, we’ve placed particular emphasis on strong client engagement, efficient works and labour schedules to ensure minimum disruption.

Out-of-hours servicing of 500+ fan coil units as well as complex arrangements for building shutdowns are required on this Contract as are a variety of engineering service upgrades including the reconditioning of the sprinkler storage tank.

Visibility & Flexibility

To provide complete visibility and confidence, accurate building condition status reports can be referenced at any time via the integration of our CAFM system and the clients’ own management software, ensuring operating standards are consistently achieved.

In order to support BNP Paribas during successive COVID lockdowns, we advised on different strategies and as a result, scaled back our delivery to a caretaker format. This allowed for a temporary cost saving and when regulations eased, we quickly returned the premises to a fully manned site.

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