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As part of our commercial security systems offering at Gratte Brothers Security Management (GBSM), we regularly review the kit we’re installing to make sure we’re using the best possible products for our clients’ requirements. One of our core values as a company is ‘continual improvement’, so we regularly adopt innovative technology (that has been thoroughly tried and tested, of course) to deliver excellence to our clients.

As most of our projects are under strict confidentiality agreements, we’re unable to talk about specific activities. What we can do, however, is to discuss and present the innovative products and services we use when working with market-leading companies on their security installation, management and software.

Security cameras and fire detection devices are, of course, some of the most prevalent pieces of technology we install day-to-day. Our number one aim is to provide an infrastructure that protects our client’s assets against the broadest range of threats possible. This commitment is why we work in partnership with brands like FireVu.

For anyone unfamiliar with the technology used by FireVu; the devices can detect smoke, flame and heat with incredible accuracy and range, in both indoor and outdoor environments. They combat the issue faced by traditional aspirating smoke detectors of getting blocked with dust and dirt which often results in triggering faults or false alarms.

GBSM have an ongoing project installing a number of these FireVu detectors into a client’s warehouse facility. This new installation ensures that the client has an early warning system in place, picking up triggers long before traditional detectors could. The system can capture the location, size, intensity and scale of the trigger and prompt the most appropriate response from a single fire extinguisher to a full evacuation. Recorded footage of the incident then supports post-event analysis to minimise the risk of repeat incidents.

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