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April is Stress Awareness Month, to coincide this year we’ve made donations to food banks within our local communities to help meet the increased demand for food parcels…

Not knowing where your next meal is coming from is one of the most stressful positions to find yourself in, particularly when you have children to provide for. The Trussel Trust reported that their network of food banks provided 5,100 emergency food parcels a day to UK residents between April and September 2021. Unfortunately, almost half of these parcels were for children. With the sharp rise in the cost of living over recent months, the reliance on food banks is expected to spike once again. We hope our donations can go some way in those in need this Easter season.

Gratte Brothers Group is an active corporate citizen throughout the year as part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Traditionally, we’ve always run an annual food bank drive at Christmastime. However, following conversations with our local food banks it became clear that Christmas is a time when they receive a lot of donations and that they would greatly appreciate receiving contributions at alternative times. With so many families within our communities relying on school meals, the approaching Easter holidays can be an incredibly stressful time. So, we’ve been busy collecting desperately needed food across our several office locations. We’re pleased to announce that our donations have now been delivered; coinciding with the start of the school holidays for many. In addition, we’re matching the donation with a cheque from the company as an extra helping hand.

Each one of our offices has been taking part (Belfast, London, Stevenage and Warrington) and have nominated a food bank in their local area to support. Follow the links below to learn more about each local centre:
Belfast: Fareshare

London: Camden Food Bank

Stevenage: Foodshed

Warrington: Warrington Food Bank

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our staff who’ve donated food items to this cause. Finally, we’d like to send our warmest wishes to all those out there who will need to rely on their local food banks this Easter and beyond.


Assortment of tinned food, toilet roll and other cupboard essentials donated by our Stevenage-based team.
Assortment of tinned food, toilet roll and other cupboard essentials donated by our Stevenage-based team.

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