Small Steps, Big Impact: Updates to Our 2022 Environmental Objectives

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The concept of sustainability covers a broad range of topics, from carbon emissions to biodiversity, recycling to waste disposal. On our journey to Net-Zero we are committed to methodically and responsibly reviewing each area of our business to ensure we are delivering authentic and ethical solutions. This includes the ongoing analysis of all of our systems and processes, both on-site and in the office. Every year, we set ourselves a set of overarching objectives from across the sustainability spectrum. As promised, they are under constant review and have recently been updated. Group Environmental Advisor, Alice Kilner, provided the insight behind our 2022 Group Environmental Objectives Updates:

  1. Increase the frequency of environmental inspections and audits: Environmental inspections are undertaken at least once per week with the key areas of focus being waste management, emissions, hazardous waste and hazardous materials. These visits also present really great opportunities to work with the site teams and understand where we can add environmental value during the life of a project. For example, looking for opportunities to place bird boxes, insect houses and planters on sites as well as opportunities for training of operatives to ensure continued improvement.
  2. Lower the carbon emissions of the fleet: All vehicles in the Gratte Brothers fleet are being reviewed and replaced with newer vehicles with lower carbon emissions. Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment Limited will be receiving a Vauxhall Vivaro-e in November 2022: the Group’s first ever fully electric van! Gratte Brothers Security Management Limited have also recently ordered two commercial hybrid vehicles. In addition, we are trialling a new plugin hybrid vehicle, which if successful will replace around 20 vehicles. Gratte Brothers will commission the installation of charge points at our staff’s homes to accommodate the new hybrid work cars (currently in review).
  3. Lower overall carbon footprint of operations and office by 30% by 2025: To address this, we are upgrading offices, getting verified renewable energy tariffs and upgrading our fleet. This will result in a reduction of our direct carbon emissions. We are aiming to beat the UK government’s target of being net-zero by 2050. On completion of our further research and calculation of our full carbon footprint, we will announce our tailored target date and officially launch our net zero journey.
  4. Improve the environmental behaviours of operatives working on Gratte projects: It’s our incredible people who deliver the quality that Gratte Brothers are renowned for. We are proud to have a team who are all equally committed to doing the best job possible, going above and beyond to deliver long-term solutions. So, we are investing in training and workshops to raise awareness of environmental issues and best practices. Site supervisors will take part in the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) to equip them with the information and insight they need in order to lead their teams in the right, sustainable direction.
  5. Improve the recycle rate across our offices: Our diversion from landfill rate is still 100%, with a rate of 37% being recycled across all sites and 48% in head office. It has been confirmed that to increase our recycling rate, waste needs to be separated more efficiently. Our staff hold the power to help us achieve the target of an 80% recycle rate, so we are investing resources into awareness campaigns covering all locations.

One of our company’s core values is continual improvement, this covers all aspects of our business. We are passionate about our commitment to the environment; continually reviewing new methods, applications and innovations to bring us closer to our target. As we advance along our journey we will continue to update you with the progress of our environmental objectives.

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