Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This policy applies to Gratte Brothers Group Limited and all of its subsidiary companies.

Gratte Brothers:

  • Will approach clients in a co-operative and collaborative way.
  • Will deal with clients in an open and honest manner.
  • Will seek to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Gratte Brothers:

  • Will trade openly and honestly with suppliers.
  • Will work with suppliers in a collaborative way to reduce the environmental impact of joint activities.
  • Will ensure fair and timely remuneration for effective performance.

Gratte Brothers:

  • Recognises its responsibility to the wider community in which the company operates.
  • Will actively review ways in which the company can play a positive role to support community initiatives, playing particular attention to local and disadvantaged groups.
  • Will encourage staff to support charitable initiatives through joint enterprise.

Gratte Brothers:

  • Recognises its responsibility to reduce potential environmental impact.
  • Is committed to reducing waste, conserving energy and promoting environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Will work in collaboration with both clients and suppliers to provide sustainable solutions.

Gratte Brothers:

  • Recognises that each employee is an individual with unique aspirations, work styles and employment needs.
  • Will maintain a working environment, which promotes respect, eliminates discrimination and encourages co-operation.
  • Will adopt a management approach, which displays fairness and transparency.

Health & Safety
Gratte Brothers:

  • Recognises the special and significant risks associated with the built environment.
  • Recognises its responsibility for the health and safety of employees and others who may be affected by its works.
  • Will ensure that health and safety is never knowingly compromised for reasons of expediency or material gain.
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