Group Quality Policy

The Gratte Brothers Group specialises in the following areas within the building services industry:

Gratte Brothers Limited – procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical and mechanical systems.
Gratte Brothers Specialist Services Limited – service and maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems.
Gratte Brothers Security Management Limited – design, procurement, installation and maintenance of Closed Circuit Television, Access Control and Intruder Detection systems.
Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment Limited – design, supply, installation and servicing of commercial catering equipment.
Gratte Brothers Technical Services Limited – design and co-ordination of electrical, mechanical and security systems.

The nature of the Group’s activities places particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, capability, reliability and quality of its staff.

Under the leadership of the Managing Director and senior management the prime objective is to provide these services in a manner which conforms to all contractual, legal, regulatory requirements and industry Codes of Practice.

In order to achieve this objective the company will establish and maintain an efficient and effective management system including assessment of risk across the management functions.

The Group Management System is designed to ensure the requirements of ISO 9001 are satisfied, as well as those mandatory by SSQS101 (V8) relating to Security Services; that all legislative and regulatory requirements are recognised and that a consistent and uniform control of all activities is adequately maintained.

Targets and performance indicators are set and areas of risk reviewed at the Management Review Meeting. Where necessary, these targets are converted into individual measurable objectives for all relevant employees and functions are measured at annual appraisals. The conformance of work done to contract and regulatory requirements is on the basis of objective evidence. The Gratte Brothers Group of Companies have appointed a dedicated representative responsible for the effective delivery of quality objectives.

The company is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the management system. This policy will be reviewed annually at the Management Review Meeting, published throughout the Group, and made available to the public and other interested parties under the authority of the undersigned.

This policy has my full backing and I will fully support staff in its implementation.

Signed: D. Gratte,

Group Managing Director

Date: 13 January 2023

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