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At Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment Ltd, we know that a successful team is built on effective communication, trust, and collaboration. That’s why yesterday (4th October 2023), we hosted another unforgettable team-building day, the “Gratte Prix”, that offered our employees a break from the norm and a chance to boost collaboration, skill-building, and fun, all from the comfort of our office!

🏁 The Ultimate Team-Building Experience: MB Motorsport’s Driving Simulator

Yesterday’s team-building event brought an exciting and unique twist to the traditional office scene. We transformed our reception area into a high-tech driving simulator centre, complete with state-of-the-art equipment that put our team in the driver’s seat of a thrilling day.

Why Do We Value Team Days?

Building Trust: Trusting your teammates is crucial when you’re navigating a complex project or a busy kitchen. The Gratte Prix built trust through a shared experience: encouraging conversation and a chance to reconnect outside the demands of a busy inbox or job-list. The trust developed during this exercise will undoubtedly carry over into our daily work, acting as some ‘planned maintenance’ to retain the excellent sense of camaraderie among our team.

Improving Decision-Making: Just like in the world of catering installations, quick, effective decision-making is vital on the road (even if it’s just on-screen). Our team members had to make split-second decisions and trust their own judgment to secure the fastest track times possible. This skill will undoubtedly prove invaluable when faced with time-sensitive decisions in our day-to-day tasks.

Stress Management: Our work environment is very fast-paced. We are always exceptionally proud of the work our teams deliver, but it’s imperative that we integrate opportunities for fun to look after the wellbeing of our hard-workers!

The Winners

The leader-board was eagerly watched throughout the day, as competitors vied for the top spot. As the day drew to a close, there was a clear winner; Paul Gilhooly claimed first place with his incredible lap time, closely followed by Saul Smith in second. We were delighted to be visited by several suppliers and clients throughout the day, who all happily took part in the Gratte Prix. The prize for the fastest lap time in our supplier & client category was Jake Roylance from Whitbread! The winners not only walked away with bragging rights, but also a bottle of champagne each.

Thank You!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated employees, and some of our clients and suppliers who participated wholeheartedly in yesterday’s unforgettable Gratte Prix. Your enthusiasm, teamwork, and willingness to embrace this unique experience truly embody the spirit of Gratte Brothers. Thanks also to the team at MB Motorsport for facilitating the second Gratte Prix. Your professionalism, expertise and coordination ensured the day went without a single hitch, and maximised enjoyment for everyone here.

Scroll through the gallery below for the day’s highlights…
(Image credit: Michael Pearce, MB Motorsport) 

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